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Part 2 Chapter 3 Hi! This is the third chapter! Boo YAY!… - Lord love the badfics 'cause we sure don't. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gundam Wing badfics!

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[Mar. 10th, 2005|08:18 am]
Gundam Wing badfics!



Part 2

Chapter 3 Hi! This is the third chapter! Boo YAY! I went to the beach yesterday for school! I burned SO BAD!!!!!!! OW!!!!!!!! My board shorts weren’t long Slut so they gave my legs a rash. Damn, it hurts! I also got sunstroke so I get to miss school cause I’m sick! I was up the WHOLE frickin’ night last night cause I was in so much pain. How many bad things can happen to a person in one day? I think she just put this in here so people will pitty her and give it a good review. Well that’s not happening today missy I watched Inu-yasha and Case Closed (Detective Conan) Is it just me, or was that very mis-placed?. Stupid sun and all its ultraviolet rays! I boggie boarded like the whole time! I was pulled under twice, and I thought I wasn’t going to come up! Funny, I hoped you weren’t going to come upIt was so scary! Did you know that birds blow up if you give them Alka-Seltzer? My friend wanted to do that but we didn’t have any Alka-Seltzer. That would’ve been funny! Thanks to my reviewers. Thanks to Nameless Waif for her amusing reviews. I reread chapter 2 and I did spell Trishy’s name Trashy once Big symbolism there. Heehee! Well, she is trashy. Haha! Anyway, on with the chapter. It’s mainly about Amber’s school and work. How exciting. NO!!HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m hyper!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t mind me! another reason why parents should not smoke while pregnant

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be mine. But this story is mine so don’t take!

Warnings: Nothing, same as chapter 2

Chapter 3: Odd Discussions and Dumb Jocks I wonder if she knows that ‘dumb’ is a derogatory word for someone who doesn’t talk. So in reality the title is ‘Odd Discussions and Mute Jocks’ Just thought I’d point that out…Another thing is that the name of the Chapter on fanfiction.net is ‘Odd Discussions and Chemical Spills’

‘Yummy! Ramen and sushi! Yummy!’  I really hope that that at least made sense to her, ‘cause I’m fucking clueless to what that meant Amber thought as she scanned the cafeteria for Duo and the other guys. She saw them sitting at a table in the back. Amber walked up to them and sat down next to Duo.

“Who said you could sit there, you weak onna?” Wufei glared at her. Go Wufei!

“I did. If you have a problem with that, then to bad for you. Moor proof that she is really 3” Amber glared right back at him. Why is it that the Sue always glares? Just then someone came over and sat down next to Amber. “Oh, hey Patrick. Guys, this is my friend Patrick.” Amber introduced him.





“Hello.” Now how are we supposed to guess who said each one? Again, I will have to assume the fat man with the lip fungus said all these. Thanks a lot you lazy Author, you

“Patrick has been my friend since first grade.” Amber said. “He’s like an older brother to me, except the kind that rape you in your sleep even though we’re the same age.” Patrick nodded.

“She’s always getting into trouble.” Patrick smiled and shook his head.

“Am not!” Amber playfully punched Patrick in the arm.

“So how do you like our school?” Patrick asked the five boys.

“It’s nice. It doesn’t have very many kids. Is that because most people left this colony if they could?” Quatre asked. Wow, isn’t Quatre the wise one

“Yeah, most people did just that. That’s why this school is a K-12 school with only about a 150 kids in it.” Amber answered, finishing her food. “I like it here though.”

SLAM! What happened? Did the colony implode so they are all dead and this terrible mockery of Gundam Wing over?

The cafeteria door had slammed open and hit the wall. Fuck The entire cafeteria fell silent as everyone looked at the door. Matoko, Kaya, and Trishy stood in the doorway. Matoko looked extremely angry, as opposed to Kaya and Trishy who looked Constipated worried.

“How dare you spill all that crap on me! It’s going to take forever to get it out!” Did I miss something? Matoko screamed at Amber as she stormed over to their table. Matoko was wearing one of the school’s old P.E. clothes. Amber just burst out laughing. “How dare you laugh at me!” Matoko shouted.

“Amber, um, what did you do?” Patrick asked.

“Nothing.” Amber said somewhat innocently.

“Nothing?!” Matoko looked like she could have killed Amber. The only thing holding her back was the fact that she knew she couldn’t kill Amber.

“Ok. Maybe something.” Amber smiled


“Remember to be careful with the chemicals class.” the chemistry teacher said.

‘Hm. I wonder what Matoko’d do if I spilled this on her?’ Amber thought to herself, holding a test tube of green liquid. Amber got up, pretending she needed more ingredients. She held the test tube loosely. As she neared Matoko desk, Amber pretended to trip.

The liquid splashed all over Matoko. It got in her hair, all over her face, shirt and skirt. Matoko screamed a high-pitched scream. Amber just laughed and said, “Oops!”

End Flashback Did we really need a flashback?

“That’s what happened.” Amber’s smile was large, just like a little kid who just got a big ice cream cone. Like I said, she is really 3 Duo and Patrick burst out laughing, Quatre smiled and laughed a little, Wufei muttered something about stupid onnas, and Heero and Trowa remained expressionless. Matoko just glared, then stormed off.

“I can’t believe you did that! That’s so funny!” Duo said while laughing. “What is your next class?”

“I have P.E.” Amber said looking bored.

“Me too. I think Heero has it too.” Duo said. Heero nodded.

“I have music.” Quatre smiled happily.

“Barton and I were supposed to have chemistry. But now we have free time because someone spilled chemicals. So now they have to clean the room.” Wufei glared at Amber.

“Why are you glaring at me? What’d I do?” Amber asked, noticing Wufei’s glare.

“Didn’t you hear a word I just said” Wufei asked.

“No. Was it important?” Amber shook her head.

“Whatever. I’m going!” Wufei walked out of the cafeteria.

“What’d he say? Why wouldn’t he tell me?” Amber asked, confused. What a moron

“Nevermind. Let’s go or we’ll be late.” Heero said. Amber nodded and walked to the girl’s locker room. Ha, the first time I read that I thought it said Heero went into the girl’s locker room.

For P.E. the gym teacher made them play basketball. The girls finished their game quickly. Amber’s team had won. SUE!

“Hey guys! Is someone almost to 15 points yet?”

“No. The score is 2-0. We’re winning.” Heero said as if that was the most obvious thing in the world. But it is, how could Heero loose?

“What?! You guys should be close to done by now! Have you two even played?” Amber asked. Duo and Heero shook their heads. *gasp* They didn’t play Heero and duo!?

“The coach is going to put us in after the next point is made.” Duo said.

“Yuy, Maxwell. You’re in.” the coach shouted. Heero and Duo to the places of two very worn out looking guys. Ew, that sick coach. Using those poor boys like that.

The game restarted when the coach blew his whistle. Someone on their team had the ball stolen from them. The guy had a clear shot at the basket. Suddenly out of nowhere, Heero grabbed the ball and ran in the other direction. Then Heero passed the ball to Duo, who shot and scored.

It all happened so fast that if you had blinked, you probably would have missed it. Physically impossible? I think so ‘I had no idea they were so fast!’ Neither did I Amber thought as she stared at the two boys. Everyone was so shocked. The guy Heero had stolen the ball from was still staring at his now empty hands.

Just then the bell rang, bringing everyone out of their stunned stupor. Amber jogged up to Heero and Duo. “How’d you guys learn how to play like that?! That was amazing!” Amber asked, amazed at the boys’ skill.

“Thanks. What class do you have next?” Duo asked.


“Really? So do we. I think Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei have that too. How painfully convenient” Duo said.

“Cool. Just to let you know, we talk about weird stuff in that class. Like how not to right a really bad fic? Because the Author of this should really go to that class once in a whileWhy does she not put the name of the person who said this? I really want to know, because I hate having to put the guy with lip fungus in the story over and over again

“What kind of weird stuff?” Duo asked confused.

“You’ll see.” Amber smirked, then went into the girl’s locker room.

‘I wonder what she meant.’ Duo thought as he went to change too.

“Why are we sitting on the floor?” Wufei asked.

“I don’t know. Ms. Leaf just like’s it this way, I guess.” Amber replied. She and the five boys were sitting in a big circle of students on the floor. The desks had been pushed against the walls. Amber was sitting next to Quatre and Duo; Quatre on her left, Duo on her right. Heero sat next to Quatre, Trowa next to Duo, and Wufei next to Heero because he wanted to be as far away from the insane onna and braided baka as possible.

“Man, I wish I hadn’t skipped chemistry. I wish I could’ve seen the look on Matoko’s face as you spilled that stuff on her. Now I wish I hadn’t skipped. Redundant much” Duo said.

“You skipped? So you’re the one the teacher was looking for.”

“Yup! I hid in the bathroom.”

“I surprised you didn’t hide in the cafeteria, Maxwell.” Wufei smirked at him.

“Shut up! I couldn’t hide in there because the lunch lady was there.” Duo said, crossing his arms. Amber and the others face-faulted. Face-whated?

“You baka.” Heero muttered. Duo stuck his tongue out at him but Heero ignored him.

Just then, Ms. Leaf walked into the room and sat on her desk. “Why does she get to sit on a desk while we have to sit on the floor?” Duo’s complaint was loud enough for everyone to hear. All the students (minus the other g-boys) gasped and stared at Duo. “Why is everyone looking at me?” Because your naked Duo began to look worried.

“Duo, Ms. Leaf is very strict. Get on her bad side and she’ll make your life hell. Sorta like anyone’s life whiel reading this story I learned that the hard way last year.” Amber hissed in Duo’s ear. Duo gulped and nodded.

“Mr. Maxwell, I presume?” Ms. Leaf asked. Again Duo nodded. “Since this is your first day, I’ll let you off with a warning.” Ms. Leaf said as she glared at Duo.

“Ok, class. Today we’ll be talking about what you think of the war and what you’d do in it.” Ms. Leaf told the class.

“I thought this was a literature class.” Duo whispered to Amber.

“It is. I told you we talk about weird stuff.”

Students were arguing about what sides other students chose. Ms. Leaf just watched amused and jumping in if thins thins? got out of hand.

“I’d want to be a nurse. Where the fuck did that come from?” Matoko said.

“A nurse? I’d rather fight. God, how cliché’” Amber scoffed.

“Who would you want to fight as?” Ms. Leaf asked.

“I’d want to fight as a Gundam pilot! They’re so cool! Gah!” Amber said with a big smile. The g-boys stared at her, along with the rest of the class.

“You don’t even know if they exist. The Gundams might just be special MD. I’ve never heard anyone call a Gundam a Mobile Doll” Matoko said.

“Then why are the Gundams fighting MD? You can’t answer that, can you? Maybe she could if you gave her some time Besides, the Gundams were created before MD were. I think the Gundam pilots are very brave people who will give their lives for the colonies.” Amber shot back.

“Then why doesn’t anyone know their names? People just refer to them as 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05. And why aren’t there any pictures of them?” Matoko argued. It would be really nice if I knew when this story takes place, ‘cause I am confused.

“Maybe nobody’s seen them well enough to take their picture and of course e don’t know their names. If everybody did and someone met them, they could turn them into OZ or something. Then OZ would probably kill them.” Amber said, getting angry.

“Amber...” Ms. Leaf said warningly. Amber silenced herself immediately. “Now, like I said is entitled to their own opinion Matoko. What bad english There was no need to make a big deal out of nothing. That’s all for today. Class dismissed.” Ms. Leaf said, standing up and walking out of the classroom. Everyone got up and followed her out.

“That was an....interesting discussion.” Quatre said.

“Why do you want to be a Gundam pilot so much? Because she is a Sue, duh” Duo asked.

“Because I think they’re really cool. I think they’re really brave to be willing to give up their lives for the colonies if they need to.” Amber smiled,

“That or they have nothing tying them down so they don’t care if they die.” Trowa spoke for the first time all day. Amber stopped walking and stared at Trowa.

“Whoa!! You said something!!!! You can actually talk!!! Nope, he is one of those mute Jocks the author was talking about in the title of this chapter I was beginning to think you were a mute!!” Amber said, staring wide-eyed at him. Everyone sweatdropped.

“I can talk. I just don’t talk if I don’t need. Like now” Trowa said, becoming silent again.

“Oh. That’s weird. No, you’re the weird one” Amber said.

“That’s because you talk too much onna.” Wufei said. Amen

“I do not talk too much!” Amber shouted. Just then, she ran into a stop sign pole.  What the fuck! I thought they were still in school. “Ok! Who put this sign here?!”

“Amber, it’s always been there. You know that.” I get it now, the author tried to be funny, obviously she failed miserably Patrick said as he came up behind them. Amber just glared at the sign. She must do that a lot “See you later Amber.” Patrick ran off into the direction of his job.

“Here’s my apartment building. Here’s my vidphone (that’s what it’s called right?) and cell number. Call my vidphone after 6:00 PM. Call my cell anytime. I work from 3-6 o’clock.” Amber handed Duo a piece of paper with her numbers on it. I really hope Duo uses that paper to wipe his ass, I really do

“Okay. Thanks.” Duo said as he took the slip of paper. Amber waved goodbye and went into her apartment. The guys continued walking after she had gone inside.

As soon as Amber got into her apartment, she changed into a pair of black Dickies, a tank top with the name of a band on it written in blood red, and black VANS. “Bye Yumi. See you around 6:00.” Amber pet her kitten then left for work. So she works at a whore-house

As Amber ran in the door of the grocery store, Patrick handed her her red apron that all the employees wore Yet another example of the authors great English. Amber and Patrick had started working at the store two years ago with their friend Machika.

“Amber, the boss wants you to walk around and see if people need help.” Patrick said as she tied the apron.

“K!” Amber said as she walked off

“Excuse me ma’am. Do you need any help with anything?” Amber asked a little old lady. Eww, she’s going to fuck a old lady. What a sicko

“Oh yes. I can’t decide if I should get low-fat milk or non-fat. Which do you suggest?” the lady asked. What? Is that like could for “Which is better: extremely skinny girls or anorexic girls?”

Amber sweatdropped and smiled, “Why don’t you get non-fat?” Amber suggested.

“Hmmm. But I also want low-fat. Which to get? Hmm.” the lady wondered aloud.

30 minutes later

Amber’s patience had run out. “Why don’t you get both?!” Amber ground out.

“Why, that’s a great idea! Thank you miss.” the old lady grabbed both milk cartons and walked away. Maybe I was wrong and she works a supper market…nah

“Anytime.” Amber was practically seething. ‘Stupid old lady!’

“Excuse me?” Asked a fat man with lip fungus

“What?!” Amber spun around angrily.

“Um, where is the, uh, cereal?” asked a little boy, clearly afraid of Amber. And who wouldn’t be?

“Sorry. Isle 12.’ Amber apologized. The boy ran off but his mother stayed.

“What’s your problem? He just wanted to ask you a question.” She scolded.

“I’m sorry ma’am. Really, I am.” Amber said putting her hands put defensively.

“Well, I don’t know why they have teenagers working here. I guess-“she was cut off by Amber’s cell ringing to the song “Someday” by Nickelback. Ok, this is too much. 1st off since when do people in the colony have cell phone? 2nd how the fuck is Nickleback in the Gundam Universe? And 3rd why does she have her cell on at work? My guess is that the author works at a supper market, has a cell phone with the ring of Nickleback, and yells at little boys. ‘Saved by the bell, er, cell phone. That was lame’ Amber thought as she answered her phone.

“Hello.” she answered her phone.

“Mizunashi? This is Heero. Why the fuck is Heero calling her?” the person on the other end said.

“Hey Heero. What’s up?” Amber asked. The mother of the little boy glared at her and walked away. Amber flipped off her retreating back.

“Where’s the grocery store? I’m sending Duo to get groceries. Oh” Heero said. In the background, Amber could hear Duo yell, “Why do I have to go?”

“Because I said so. Amber, give me directions to the store from Woodland Park.”

“Do you know where Main St. is?”


“Ok. If you go one street further which direction? it’s on that street. The store’s called Angel’s Grocery. Ok. Bye.” Amber hung up and put the phone back in her pocket.

“Hey Duo!” Amber waved at him as he burst through the doors to the store.

“Amber? What’re you doing here?”

“I work here. I didn’t tell Heero so he didn’t tell you. Anyways, what took you so long? It takes me five minutes to get here if I walk. You took about twenty.”

“I got lost.”

“Even after I gave you directions? Your directions sucked ass Heero said you knew where Main St. is.”

“Well, I knew where it was, I just didn’t know how to get there.” Duo chuckled a little. Amber slapped herself in the forehead.

“Oh Duo. My shift’s over in about thirty minutes. We can walk home together.”

“Ok.” Said a random fat guy with lip fungus

“Duo, why’d you get so much food?” Amber asked, stumbling under the weight of the food. You mean the food that just appeared as they were talking?

“Well, I eat a lot at every meal so I had to get a lot of food.” Duo laughed sheepishly. Amber rolled her eyes.

“Why do you and the other guys live together?”

“Well, we’re all gay lovers so back off Sue! friends and none of us have parents. So we just all live together.”

“I was surprised to see Quatre here. I’d never have thought he’d come to a colony like this and actually live here.” Amber said. “Oh! Where are you guys living?” Out of place much

“Er, hehe, in a tent in Woodland Park. We just got here so we haven’t had time to look for an apartment or something.”

“Really? Why don’t you live in my apartment? NOO! It’s big enough. Besides, the colony forecast said we’re going to have a lot of rain tonight. We need the rain but you’ll be drenched.” …………………The colony forecast? Since when do the colonies have weather? Holly shit this so sad.

“Won’t your parents care?”

“Parents? I don’t have any parents.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.” No he isn’t

“Don’t be. You didn’t know. Besides, I never knew them so I can’t really feel sad. C’mon, this alley is a shortcut to my street.” The two teens turned into the alley. Little did they know they were being followed. So they went into an alley that just so happened to be in the supper market…

That’s the end of chapter three! YAY! I haven’t slept in, like, 30 hours or something I seriously doubt that. I woke up at 6:30 AM yesterday morning and haven’t slept since. Stupid sunstroke. Made me so sick I couldn’t sleep. It’s 12:30 AM now. I should get some sleep. ZZZZZZZ.........

Anyway, I hope you review! The chapters should get more interesting now! And hopefully more logical.

Chapter 4 Chapter Four: New Roommates

“Amber, are you sure this alley is safe?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Because we’re being followed.” Why does this author love torturing me so? I just cannot stand it when they don’t write who’s talking, it drives me insane!

“What? Followed?” Amber spun around and sure enough, she could make out a human shadow. “I wonder who it is? There’s something oddly familiar about the way that person walks. Wait, it can’t be. “NO! GET LOST!” If that made any less sense I would have to think the author was doing it on purpose Amber shouted at the person.

Whoever it was stepped out of the shadows See, not even the author knows what it is. It was a teenage boy built like a football player. “I knew it. Why are you here?” Amber glared at him.

“You know why I’m here.” Said a passing tree

“Get lost you frickin’ stalker!” Amber shouted.

“He’s a stalker?” Duo asked. Amber just nodded.

“He’s a senior at the school. For some reason he has a crush on me. He follows me everywhere. It’s creepy and it pisses me off.” Amber’s glare intensified. YOU FUCKING SUE. I BET THE ONLY REASON THIS THING IS IN THE DAMN STORY IS EBCAUSE THE AUTHOR IS A FUCKING LOSER AND WISHES A GUYS WOULD STALK HER, LET ALONE REALIZE SHE EXISTS. GAH!

“Hey Rapunzel! You’d better keep away from my girl if you know what’s good for you.” the smirked I never knew ‘the’ could smirk at Duo while cracking his knuckles. Duo dropped the groceries and got ready to fight.

“Duo, don’t fight him!” Amber shouted. Duo looked at he, confused Nice english. The boy saw his chance and punched Duo in the cheek. Since Duo was caught off guard, he was sent flying to the ground. “Duo!” Amber spun around to see Duo getting up holding his face. A small trickle of blood ran down the corner of his mouth. Oh no you didn’t

“Dane, you bastard! You hurt him!” Amber shouted. While she had been turned around, Dane had gotten up behind her. He put his arms around her waist.

“You shouldn’t have done that. Now, let her go.” Duo voice was eerily calm.

“Why not? She’s my girl. I can do whatever I want with her.” Dane smirked down at Duo, who was at least a foot shorter. At Dane’s comment, Amber’s face paled. AS did mine, because I think I’m going to throw up

“I’ll only saw this once again What?. Let her go.” Duo glared at Dane. Suddenly, a look of immense pain crossed Dane’s face. He fell to the ground clutching his stomach. “Huh? What happened?” Duo asked confused.

“I kicked him where the sun don’t shine.” Amber laughed a little. Dane got up and ran.

“Oh. Are you ok?” he asked, laughing too. Amber just nodded.

“Why’d you try to help me? You just met me.”  Because you are a Sue and that’s what happens in bad stories Amber asked.

“Huh? Oh, I couldn’t just let some guy do anything he wants to a girl. Especially if the girl doesn’t even like him.” Duo gave her a smile.

“Thank you.” Amber smiled at him.

“WHAT?! I refuse to live in this onna’s apartment! It’s injustice!” Wufei shouted, drawing the attention of everyone in the park.

“Wufei, our tent won’t keep us dry. It’s better if we stay at Amber’s for now. Besides, she has a kitchen!” Duo said, trying to reason with his Chinese co-pilot.

“Always thinking with your stomach, Maxwell.” Wufei spat back and began cursing in Chinese Since when does Wufei do that?.

“Wufei, we really should accept her offer.” Quatre said. Hey, if Quatre is so damn rich why didn’t they buy an apartment?

“Ok, we’ve moved all the stuff up. Good thing you guys didn’t have a lot of stuff!” Amber said as she, Heero, and Trowa walked up. “Let’s go!” But..they were just in the park..and..then..now…huh?

“NOOOO!!!! INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!” Wufei yelled as Heero and Trowa dragged him out of the park. I’m beyond confused

“Ok guys. This is my apartment.” Amber said as the six of them walked through the door. “See that hallway leading away from the living room? There’s a bathroom there. It has a shower, bathtub, sink, etc. That’ll be your bathroom. You guys will sleep here, in the living room. The couches are pullout beds that can fit two people. I also have a futon.” Amber said as she pointed to the things as she mentioned them. You forgot to mention the bleeding corpse in the corner

Suddenly Wufei let out a string of Chinese curses. Everyone turned to see the Chinese boy trying to get something off his head. Whatever was on his head was small, black, and very furry He’s growing a vagina out of his head!. “Onna, get this thing off me.” Wufei growled.

“Ok. Come her Yumi.” Amber coaxed the furry black creature. When the thing had jumped into Amber’s arms, the pilots noticed it was a kitten. “Don’t worry. She’s harmless. Yes, that’s why she attacked Wufei I’m going to get an ice pack for your face Duo. So it won’t swell up or anything.” Amber stopped at the kitchen door and turned to face the guys. “Oh yeah. No one goes in my room unless I give them permission too.” Amber gave the guys a very icy glare. The guys were shocked by her sudden mood change PMS, hello?.

“Maybe it’s her time of the month.” Duo said to no one in particular.

“I heard that Duo Maxwell! It is not that time!” Yea, you should no better. Sue’s don’t need periods, for the piss off enough people to not need to be in a bitchy mood themselves Amber shouted from the kitchen. She came out a minute later with an ice pack, which she flung at Duo. It hit him on the side of his head.

“COLD!” ha, for some reason that just made me laugh he yelled as he grabbed the ice pack and dropped it on the floor. “Why’d you do that?”

“Because you’re a little pervert, that’s why.” Amber said.

“Miss Amber, are you sure it’s really alright I we stay here? ‘I we stay here’? I’d hate for us to be any trouble to you.” Quatre asked.

“It’s fine. I already talked to my landlady. She’s fine with it.” Amber said as she sat down.

As Amber was getting ready for bed in her room, she whisper to Yumi, “Do you think I can trust those guys?” All she got was a happy meow from the kitten. “You’re to trusting. I wonder if they trust me? Duo and Quatre might but I don’t think the other three do. I’ll try to earn their trust but I won’t trust them right away. It seems like they all trust you, why else would they be there?

(In The Living Room)

Wufei had just gotten out of the shower when Heero asked, “Do you trust her?” Oh the irony

“No. She could be an OZ spy wow, great observation. Too bad that makes no sense at all. We can’t trust her yet.” Wufei said, glancing at Amber’s closed door.

“Do you trust her?” Heero asked the other three.

“Kind of.” Said the futon

“...” Said the corpse in the corner

“It seems to real to be an act. If she really is an OZ spy and she's just acting, then she’s one heck of an actress. What about you, Heero?” Duo asked. Why the fuck would they even think she is an OZ spy?

“Hn. I don’t trust anyone except all of you, my loves.” Heero deadpanned.

“Yeah. Right. I forgot.” HA Ha Ha, that fit in perfectly Duo said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. Remember, we need to find the sixth Gundam pilot and Gundam before OZ.” What? You have to find Zechs?

“We should get some sleep. Good night.” Quatre said. He, Duo, Wufei, and Trowa all went to bed. They fell asleep quickly. Heero wasn’t tired so he took out his laptop and began typing Fanfictions.

Amber woke up in the middle of the night when Yumi jumped on her head and began meowing loudly. “Ow. Yumi, waddaya want?” Sex, duh Amber whispered, then gasped. “I forgot to feed you! What a bad owner I’m so sorry! C’mon, let’s go feed you now.” Amber was wide awake now. She quietly went into the kitchen and got the food. As she waited for Yumi to finish, Amber glanced into the living room. All the boys were sleeping. But where was Heero? Amber shifted positions so she could see the entire living room.

Amber saw Heero, fast asleep, sitting in the big armchair. ‘He must be cold.’ Amber thought. She went to the cabinet where she stored all the extra blankets and towels. She grabbed two blankets and went over to Heero. Amber put the blankets on him gently so she wouldn’t wake him up.

Heero looks so peaceful when he’s asleep. When he’s awake he always looks like he’s mad at the world. Just then, something bumped against Amber’s leg. She looked down and saw the large, green eyes of Yumi. She picked up the kitten and went back to bed. You forgot to feed the cat dumbass

The next morning, Amber woke up to the smell of pancakes. She got dressed quickly, grabbed Yumi, and went into the living room. All of the boys were awake except Duo, who was still fast asleep on the futon. Just then, Heero walked out of the kitchen. “Arigato.” he said.

“Huh? Why are you thanking me?” Amber asked confused. Heero pointed to the armchair where the two blankets lay neatly folded. “Oh! Your welcome. It was cold last night and I didn’t want you to freeze.” Amber smiled. That’s when Amber noticed that Heero was still in his pajamas, which consisted of a white T-shirt and checkered boxers. Amber blushed and quickly averted her eyes.

“Nani?” Heero had noticed her blush. Why does Heero all of a sudden speak Japenese?

“N-nothing! It’s nothing!” Amber said quickly.

“Ok. Wake Duo up. Breakfast is almost ready.” Heero said, the walked back into the kitchen.

Amber walked over to where Duo was sleeping. “Duo? Wake up.” Amber poked Duo, but he wouldn’t wake up. “Duo! Wake up!” she shook him. Duo just rolled unto his stomach. “Duo! C’mon! Wake up!” Amber was getting really annoyed. She grabbed at megaphone out of nowhere …… and put it right next to Duo’s ear. She pressed the button on it and said, “DUO! WAKE UP NOW!”

Duo, who had been sleeping peacefully, jumped at the yell. “What’d you do that for?!” he asked. Because she can

“Sheesh. You sleep like a rock. Breakfast is ready. So get up.” Amber turned and left before Duo could see the blush on her cheeks. Duo pajamas were a black T-shirt and gray boxers. Thank you so much, I really needed to know what Duo slept in.

“That was a good movie.” Amber said as she and the five boys walked out of the theater. Yet again I feel like a missed something “I’m just glad we that Matoko or Dane weren’t here. That would’ve-“Amber was cut of when someone out their strong arms around her waist. That’s some great English in those last two sentences.

“That would have been what?” asked an annoyingly familiar voice said.

“Terrible for you.” Amber said as she turned around so quickly the person didn’t have time to react. Amber pulled her fist back and punched the guy square in the nose. “I don’t know why you keep chasing after me. You know you’ll keep getting hurt.” God, what a Sue

“Because I love you.” *cough*Cheesy*cough*Dane said, his nose now bleeding freely.

“Shut up!” Amber shouted. She turned on her heeled and stormed off. The guys stared at Dane, then at Amber’s retreating back, then back to Dane.

“Remind me never to make her angry.” Duo said. “He is at least a whole foot taller than her and much bigger. She knocked him down with one punch. I wonder how she got so strong?” Hmm…maybe it has to do with her being a Sue The guys turned and followed Amber.

READ THIS NOW! A bit later, don’t you think?

This chapter was such a pain to write! Then quit writing for all our sakes Ok, I’m also planning on writing a death fic You mean a fic where Amber dies? . It’s only going to be one chapter long but I need a couple for it! You can suggest the couple. Please don’t put the numbers because I only know that 1-5 are the Gundam pilots. I am so dumb! Don’t remind us If you’d like to tell me what numbers the other people are, I’d really appreciate it! Ok, so you can request a couple and the person who dies (has to be one of the couple). I’ll take any suggestions! Really, I will! Please review! It’ll make me happy!


[User Picture]From: lady_tolwen
2008-01-23 02:35 pm (UTC)
I've read a couple of Transformers fics like this. Sad thing is, the authors tend to have literally hundreds of reviews saying how great it was. Apparently the reviewers wouldn't know a good story if kicked them in the head.
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