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Lord love the badfics 'cause we sure don't.

Gundam Wing badfics!
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At ease, troops. Today we are gathered here to fight back against the bad fic menace in the GW fandom.

While it's true that no fandom is safe from the badfic virus, the poor GW fandom has taken it fairly hard. From poorly researched yaoi and het, to shitty AU fics and watching the pilot become chicks with dicks, to the horrid bashing and Mary Sue the sixth pilot, one thing is definitely clear.

This fandom is quite fucked.

Now here are some rules.

1. Use the goddamned LJ cut. Here's how it works:

Anything from the fic being reported, commentary optional.

Now that didn't hurt, did it?

2. Attack the fic, not the author. Even if they are about as likeable as a dingy and dull dishtowel. Unless they show up and pull a prima donna act about the report...Then have at it.

3. I'm logging IP addresses so whether you're a member or not, misbehavior will land you a punch in the pubis from my OWN Gundam.

4. If you've got to leave a review, make sure it's constructive crit and not a all out flame. While most of the perps don't know the difference, we do and it's up to us to be the bigger and better person here.

5. I can live with OT posts, such as links to parodies or good archives. However, chain mail warnings and pointing us to something that's "sooo cuuuute, olol!!!1111" or dumb e-mail jokes will get you the Two Fingers Up, the Finger and a big ol' Fuck You from me. Seriously, keep that shite on your FL. Same goes for rating and RPG communities even though I've nothing against either of those types of communites.

6. Keep the samples to a minimum. It's a possible TOS violation and not many of us are willing to slog through such dreck it the first place.

7. If the perp(s) is/are on LJ, lock the post or avoid linking to it. Even better, ask for the link. If they come in to make a stink bigger than their own fic and lose, they've got the upper hand by reporting to us the Abuse team and getting the community suspended and/or banned. Wonder why some prolific communites are dropping like flies? Because LJ users in the wrong are throwing tantrums and winning.

8. To save our braincells, keep the reports to one fic a day. Unless it's a theme like Double Feature or I ask you to find as many fics on a subject as you can.

9. Have fun!

To the authors that come in here to raise some Hell over your work being taped up for display, here's some news for you.

1. I'M the Queen Hellraiser, not you. This is my domain and it's going to stay that way unless I decide to turn it over to someone else.
2. Speaking of domains, you posted your shite work on a public archive so it's fair game whether you like it or not. This is your own fault for posting such garbage in the first place.
3. Actually sound like a human being when making your case. If you sound rational enough, see you in about five minutes with a bikini, whipped cream and perhaps Jello at the hot tub for a bit of a literary seminar. If not, prepare to be laughed at for being such an immature and irrational git.
4. I'm a fan too. As are most of the people posting here.
5. See you at fic_flames and Fandom Wank at Journal Fen!
6. If I tell you to get out, do it. I've got your IP and possibly e-mail addresses at my disposal and I ain't scared to use them.
7. If you get beaten down, call me Mistress! Actually, you could either get over it or better yet, try putting the canon characters in character. And keeping them in the spotlight instead of hogging it for yourself would be nice too.
8. Do not excuse your actions with sugar high antics, disabilities, or mental diseases. As a lady who suffers from occasional bouts of depression and possibly Asperger's, you really make me want to drop kick you into a mine field because that shit will not wash. At ALL.
9. And it may be fanfiction but you're using someone else's creation for it. So for the sake of canon and the sane fans that are participating, have SOME respect for it. Don't bend or twist canon any way you want it just because you can. By doing so, you're disgracing it and incurring our wrath.

This'll probably be updated, I'm sure...*grumbles*

Now for the templates:

Badfic reports:
Story or Series Title:
Perp Author:
Any rating?:
Canon characters Being mutilated involved:
Subjects Trivialized covered:
Any particular brain scarring details we should note?:
Any redeeming value?:
Repeat offender or possibility of it?

Give us a taste of the poison:

Fic text here.

Mary Sue reports:
Story or Series Title:
Perp Author:

Full name plus any additional titles or aliases:
Full species:
Hair color (It’s easier if you use the text from the fic):
Eye color (see above):
Unusual markings and colorations:
Gundam name and style (if any):
Mary Sue’s/Gary Stu’s Victim Love Interest of the Day:
Special Possessions (if any):

Annoying Origin:
Annoying Connections to Canon:
Annoying Special Abilities:
Other Annoying Traits Worth Noting:

Give us a taste of the poison:

Do you wanna touch me? Oh, yeah!

Mistress, erm, mod: blacksiouxsie