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Oh how I long to kill the original Marry Sue's Author - Lord love the badfics 'cause we sure don't. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gundam Wing badfics!

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Oh how I long to kill the original Marry Sue's Author [Oct. 29th, 2004|05:26 pm]
Gundam Wing badfics!


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It is time for my second one of these thing (I am not sure what to call them exactly). Somtimes fics really mkae me doubt humanity.

Story or Series Title:</bold> Bloody Venus, http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2113522/1/ (The title could have gone places by as you will see the fic just keeps it behind)
Perp Author: Ayani323
Any rating?: G (With a title like that it's pretty surprising
Canon characters Being mutilated involved: All of the G-boys
Subjects Trivialized covered: Romance (understandable), Action (what?), Adventure(huh?)                                                                Any particular brain scarring details we should note?:</bold> Nah
Any redeeming value?: May be the first one to ever make Heero the nice one of the group
Repeat offender or possibility of it? This is only the prologue

Give us a taste of the poison:

The whole prologue Bloody Venus

Progule Nice Spelling there-

A young man with braided hair saw a young girl with blood red hair and is wearing a light pink dress; she’s sitting on the bench all by herself. So as a nice guy that he is he goes and sits next to her but she doesn’t say a word. She holds out a hand and in it has bird seed in it, a black bird comes down and eats it out of her hands Is that even possible, to have a wild bird eat fro myour hand?. When she looked at the bird flying away in the sky the young man saw that she had dark purple eyes. He also notices that she has a bandage wrapped around her arm Damn cutters. He looks into her eyes and sees that they are filled with sorrow and compassion. She finally looks over to him, but this time her eyes are filled with anger. “Can I help you?” The girl asked.

Yes, go to hell! No, I was just wondering how you hurt your arm. What?

“I fell, t-that’s all. That explains it, she has a studder! Bird always are attracted to people with problems

“I see, my name is Duo Maxwell.”

“Ayani, Ayani Sakuda. I’m in ninth grade at Yokohama High.”

“Yokohama High, that’s where my friends and I are going tomorrow, do you think that you can give us a tour tomorrow? They are still in 9th Grade, when does this take place?

“Sure I would love to give you and your friends (head and) a tour.” The girl got up and started to walked off, “I got to go, see you later Duo-Chan. When did they all of asudden become close friends and inable her to call him duo-chan?"

“Bye Ayani.”

The next day Ayani saw Duo and his friends walking up to the school gate, he looked towards her and waved. “Hey there Ayani.”

“Hello, so are these your friends?”


“I’m Catra Winner Its Quatre.”

“Trowa Barton.”

“Wufei Chang. Chang Wufei, smart one

“And I’m Heero Yuy; it’s a pleasure of meeting you Miss Sakuda. Wow, that has to be the most in-character moment of the fic

“Please call me Ayani-Domo Huh? Did she just change her name?.” The bell rang and Ayani started to run towards the school, “What are you waiting for school is going to start in fifteen minutes!” She shouted from an oak tree wait, she's in an oak tree?, Wufei saw something move in the bushes so did Ayani but he didn’t know how could he know?. She did a back flip random much? and all of a sudden a boy with green hair I think the author has an obsession with odd hair colors came out of the bushes ha ha ha, no puns there, eh?.

“Darn it, I almost had you to. What, where you trying to scare her like a 3 year old?"

“Nice try TK, but it will be years before you can surpass me In?. Oh guys this is TK Reichs, he’s in my fencing class, gym class, and my archery class.”

“Archery and Fencing? Those sound like boy classes? Not only is she a Marry Sue, but also an obnoxious Tom-boy” Catra I said it was Quatre!! stated.

“They are, she’s the toughest girl in our school. Note what I said above

“Wow, huh who’s that?” Duo pointed at a girl with ling shiny blonde hair, and green eyes what a steroe-type of the popular girl.

“That would be Luna Heartbreaker, and she does exactly what her last name says ha ha ha ha ha, not funny. She thinks she’s miss perfect and that she’s the queen of the school and that I’m her knight.” Luna walked over to them.

“Hello Ayani, and what do we have here new friends of yours, I hope you don’t mine if I steal them away from you forever, just like I did with Tiina. That made no sense once so ever

”Luna do us all a favor and pull that ugly, fat ass, European lower lip over your head and swallow it. I keep on getting the feeling that this "prologue" is more confusing that informative

Luna stood there with her mouth hanging open; she stormed off with Duo and the others behind her So they just leave with her because she said they would...right.

“You okay?”

“People like that tick me off, I don’t get it of how people can just hang around her like that?”

To be continued...

Ayani: Wow that was the best chapter I’ve written in my life. Funny, that was has to be the worst chapter I've read in my life

Bakura: Please Tikaru can... turns on Picky music No shut the bloody noise off, shut it off. This explains it, she thinks she is two people at the same time

Ayani: Yes score one for the girls back home, will ‘till next time. Umm..what?

Mary Sue Time!!
Full name plus any additional titles or aliases: Ayani Sakuda
Full species: Tomboy High School girl
Hair color (It’s easier if you use the text from the fic): a young girl with blood red hair
Eye color (see above): Doesn't say
Unusual markings and colorations: Hurt arm...
Gundam name and style (if any): None
Mary Sue’s/Gary Stu’s Victim Love Interest of the Day: Duo (I will bad for the poor guy, all these raging fan girls wanting to be his girl
Special Possessions (if any): Nah

Annoying Origin: She goes to Yokohama High, so I could only assume Yokohama
Annoying Connections to Canon: Goes to the same High School
Annoying Special Abilities: Acrobatic
Other Annoying Traits Worth Nothing: Hates the most popular girl in school and can get birds to lang on her hand by offering a seed, something almost no human has ever done

Once again I have to appologise for any spelling mistakes, for I am too lazy to spell check.


[User Picture]From: gravi_girl123
2004-10-29 10:22 pm (UTC)
haha *dies* you wrote chand XDDD this fic is so bad and hilarious.
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