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Part 3 Chapter 5 Chapter 5: OZ Attack "I trust her even less… - Lord love the badfics 'cause we sure don't. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gundam Wing badfics!

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[Mar. 10th, 2005|08:20 am]
Gundam Wing badfics!



Part 3

Chapter 5 Chapter 5: OZ Attack

"I trust her even less now." Heero said, glaring at Amber. Why? Because she is strong? That makes no sense

"We should ask her how she got so strong. No mere onna would be able to knock down a six foot football player." It’s funny how the author is pointing out things that make us realize what a Sue Amber is Wufei said.

"I'll ask. Guard the exits so she can't escape without answering us." Heero said, the glare still on his face. What? I’m not sure what is more confusing: What Heero said or how a glare can still be one his face

"I really hate Dane." Amber muttered to herself. She glanced back to see if the guys were still following her. They were but they seemed to keeping their distance. 'Damn. Any trust they had in me is probably gone. But I was so mad. At least I held back enough so I wouldn't break Dane's face or something. That's all I'd need now; having to pay hospital bills.' Amber sighed at the thought. What you really need is some flaws

"I'll start making dinner. Ok?" Amber asked when the six teens entered the apartment. When she didn't get an answer she turned around. "Guys?" The guys seemed to be looking everywhere except at her I can just imagine that and I get a very funny picture. Heero nodded slightly and the other four guys moved around her apartment. They blocked all the exits. 'That's weird. They are acting really weird. They really don't trust me now Is it that obvious?.' Amber thought as she gulped. "Guys, you're acting weird. What's up?"

"Don't worry, babe. We won't hurt you. And remember, I don't lie.” Duo gave her a small smile. Heero started walking slowly towards her. Amber only realized that she had started backing up when she bumped against the wall. She glanced quickly behind her and when she turned around again, Heero was right in front of her. They’re going to rape her!

Heero placed his hands on the wall on both sides of Amber so she couldn't escape. Eww, they’re really going to do it "Tell me: How did you get so strong." he asked.

"Why do you ask?" Amber smirked at him.

"Because no normal person is able to knock down a football player who's at least a foot taller than them with just a punch. Especially not a girl." Heero said. She’s a Mary Sue, remember?

"Why should I tell you? What're you going to do if I don't?" Amber wasn't about to tell the five of them anything about her past.

Suddenly, she was looking down the barrel of a gun. "Omae o korosu." Heero growled. Amber gulped. God dammit it annoys me when the author uses Japanese words.

"Heero! You said we wouldn't hurt her! You better not or I'll shoot!" Duo yelled as he whipped out his gun. There’s a big euphemism there, ha ha ha

"And risk shooting Amber?" Heero asked. He noticed Duo hesitate, then lower his gun. "I didn't think so." He turned back to Amber, still pointing the gun at her.

"Yuy, if you kill her we'll never get any information from her. I think the only way she could've gotten that strong was if she was trained to be an OZ spy or some OZ fighter." Wufei said. Again with the accusing her of working for OZ, why?

"OZ spy? Why would I work for them? They're the reason I have no parents!" Amber shouted. Is that what I think it is? *gasp* A pot point!

"Nani?!" STOP FUCKING USING JAPENESE WORDS Heero asked, turning his head away from Wufei to look at Amber.

"Just who the hell are you guys?" Amber asked angrily. Just then the apartment building shook.

"An earthquake?" Duo asked looking around. God Duo is dumb

"There are no earthquake on colonies baka." Wufei rolled his eyes as he said this.

"The colony is under attack." He knows this how? Heero said as he ran past Duo and out of the apartment. The other four guys followed him out.

"Where are you guys going?" Amber shouted after them but they were already gone.

"What are you doing here?" Heero shouted at the OZ MS. Behind that MS was about forty-nine MD.  I’m really sure I missed something here

"I might ask you the same question. We heard that the sixth Gundam pilot is on this colony. He's been causing us a lot of trouble. So we've come to get rid of him for good." said the man in the MS. So they want to kill Zechs?

"What?!" the five Gundam pilots were shocked. 'We were right. He is on this colony.' thought Heero. Just then the radars signaled the arrival of another MS.

"It's made out of Gundaium alloy! It must be the sixth Gundam!" Quatre shouted. The pilots turned to see a black Gundam. It was almost entirely black except for the head and chest, which were red. It had silver horn things like Deathscythe Hell's. It appeared to have no weapons. Wait, before it looked like it was before EW (Endless Waltz), but apparently not.

"There you are. You've caused us a lot of trouble." The Oz officer said. The unknown pilot showed no signs that he had even heard the officer. "Not going to talk are you?" the officer asked. Again the pilot did not respond.

"Why won't they say anything? Are they mute or something? Or is it an MD?" Duo asked the other Gundam pilots.

"No. I just did a heat scan and there is a pilot in there." Heero said as he glared at the Gundam.

"You stole a lot of information and you have proved to be a threat. So, we'll have to exterminate you like the bug you are." the officer began laughing insanely.

"GO TO HELL!" the pilot shouted. They pulled out two enormous katanas from the back of the Gundam, and then flew at the OZ MS and MD. After a short while of fighting, all the OZ MS and MD were destroyed. "Mission complete." the pilot said. There was something oddly familiar about his deep voice. Like it was Zech’s?

"Land in one of the deserted town on the colony. What a terrible sentence We need to talk." Heero said, his face appearing on the pilot's screen. He tried to identify the pilot but couldn't because of their space helmet. The pilot nodded then flew towards the colony. So they are outside? God, they seem to being going any place they think of in a matter of seconds.

"Who are you?" Heero demanded as soon as the pilot had jumped to the ground. The pilot still hadn't taken off the space helmet. I wonder why

"Take off your helmet." Wufei growled at the pilot. The pilot shook his head.

"Fine. The we'll take it off for you." Duo shouted. He ran at the pilot, ready to just about knock the guy out. When his hand was inches for the pilot's stomach, the pilot disappeared. "Huh? Where'd he go?" Duo asked, looking around.

"Up there!" Heero shouted, pointing at the cockpit of the pilot's Gundam. Heero grabbed his gun and fired at the pilot. The pilot dodged the bullet. Then, he threw a piece of paper at them, got in his Gundam and flew away. All of this is just so illogical and pathetic

"Damn. He got away." Heero growled.

"The note says 'See you around Gundam pilots.' That's all it says. No signature or anything." Duo said, turning the note around. Do you really think they would really give you it’s name?

"We'd better go back to Miss Amber's apartment. She must be worried." Quatre said.

"You're right. Let's go." Trowa said. I think this is the second time in the story where Trowa has spoken

Amber opened her apartment door when she heard a knock. There stood the five boys. Amber gasped, the yelled, "Where'd you guys go?! I was so worried!"

"The colony was attacked by OZ. We went to check on people." Trowa lied.

"I'll go make dinner." Wufei said.

"I'll help." Quatre said, the he whispered something to Heero. Heero nodded. Duo sat down on the living room couch and started watching TV. Trowa sat down on the armchair with a book.

"Amber?" Heero asked.


"I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to scare you so bad. So, I'm sorry." Why can’t the author just write who is saying these two things! I know its obvious who said them, but it is really annoying

"Heero, it's ok. I forgive you. I mean, c'mon. We're in the middle of a war. I don't blame you for acting like that. I would've too if I had been in your position." Amber smiled at him. The words hit him hard. He started wide-eyed at Amber. She just kept smiling as she walked away and started watching TV with Duo. Oy-Vay

Heero just stood there, staring blankly at the wall. She forgave me. She really did. I wonder if she would have forgiven me if she knew who I was. If she knew how many people I've killed. And I wonder when Heero will grow some balls

"Oi! Heero? Hello? Anybody home?" Heero was brought out of his thought by Duo's voice. Duo was waving his hand in front of Heero's face.

"Stop it." Heero said as he grabbed Duo's wrist. He turned and went to sit in another armchair with his laptop.

"Is Amber asleep?" Heero asked in a whisper.

"Yeah, her light's been off for awhile. Why?" Duo whispered back.

"Earlier I hacked into OZ files and searched for anything on the sixth Gundam pilot. Here's all the stuff on him." Heero pointed to the screen. The screen read:

Name: unknown. Known as 06

Age: probably 15

Gender: unknown. Most likely male

Eye color: unknown

Hair color: unknown

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Gundam: name unknown. creator unknown. all black with red head and chest and silver horns. Two giant katanas as weapons. Other weapons unknown. incredible speed. What a Sue-Gundam

"Very little is known about this pilot and the Gundam they use. The pilot is very strong and fast but small in stature, like 01. Attack with extreme caution as we do not know very much about this pilot." Apparently neither does the author

The summery was extremely short and the information on the pilot was scarce I noticed. There was no picture of the pilot, only of the Gundam. "Look's like they have just about as much information about his guy as we do." Duo said.

"This isn't any help. The Doctors don't know anymore either." Heero sighed heavily.

"We'll just have to keep our eye out for him. Even though he pilots a Gundam, he might be an enemy.  Or she may be in the next room" Quatre said. The other pilots nodded.

Chapter 6 Chapter 6: Massacre

The next night

“I got an e-mail from J. He wants us to infiltrate an OZ base. He said that base might have more information about the sixth pilot and they’ve been keeping it from the rest of OZ. We should leave tonight.” Heero informed his fellow pilots. Watch them find everyone dead there, just watch

“We should leave before Miss Amber wakes up.” So now she’s Miss Amber? Quatre said. The other three pilots agreed. Quatre a note to Amber, saying they would be back soon. I never knew Quatre could be used as a verb

“How many soldiers are at the base Heero?” Duo asked.

“One thousand.” Holly Crap! Heero replied.

“What?! That many?!” Duo asked bewildered.

“We’ll be disguising ourselves as OZ soldiers. Of course they can’t do anything original like dress up as stripers. Now that would be funny Duo, you’ll have to hide your hair. If any, that will give us away.” Heero said.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Duo said. They quietly left the apartment and headed for their hidden shuttle. How the fuck do you hide a shuttle? Those things are fucking huge!

“What was that?” Duo asked, looking at the radar on the shuttle they were taking to the base. No, I thought it was the shuttle that they were taking to Grand Ma Maxwell’s house to eat cookies and share stories by the fire.

“What?” Wufei asked.

“I thought I saw something on the radar. But it was gone in about two or three seconds.” Duo’s going crazy it looks like either that or it’s that damn Marry Sue Duo said.

“You’re imagining things because you’re nervous. Do something to keep your mind off it. And don’t do anything annoying or stupid.” That narrows it down Heero said.

“Fine.” Duo stuck his tongue out at Heero. I’m pretty sure I saw something. Duo stared hard at the radar, as though his gaze could make the object reappear.

“We’re here. Be ready to fight if we get found out.” Heero said as they got of the shuttle. Wouldn’t they be suspicious why some random shuttle just appeared?

“What’s that funny smell?” Duo asked, sniffing the air. Ha ha Someone farted The other pilots smelled the air too, a look of utter confusement wow…I thought I knew retarded until this day…on their faces. The smell was kind of coppery. Coppery?

“It’s blood. And by the smell, it’s just been spilled a few minutes ago.” Heero said, Wow, is there anything he doesn’t know? carefully making his way to the door leading out of the hanger.

“Blood? Why would there be the smell of blood?” Duo wondered aloud. Why do you think there would be blood? It’s so obvious, it’s that time of month As they neared the door, they heard a whimpering sound. The boys pulled out their guns and inched around some boxes. There sat a man, in about his mid-forties, clutching his head and rocking back and forth. He was covered in blood but he had no wounds. “What’s wrong?” Duo asked.

The man seemed to take no notice of Duo or the others. Now that they were right up to him, they could hear what he was saying. “A child, a child!” He kept repeating that phrase over and over. He gave birth to a child?

“He’s delirious. Hey, why are you covered in blood?” Wufei asked the man. The man seemed to finally notice them. He jumped up and grabbed Heero’s gun. He began laughing hysterically as he put the gun to his temple and fired. And Heero just gave him his gun? I seriously doubt anyone could take a gun from Heero

The boys stared in horror as the man’s blood splattered everywhere. It splattered on the walls and on the pilots. So the pilots aren’t included in everywhere? “H-he re-really was cr-crazy.” Wufei stuttered. “Wh-what’d he mean b-by ‘A child’?” Duo speech was also broken by his stuttering, “Wh-why am I st-st-stuttering?” Duo asked, confused by his broken-up speech. As am I, as am I

“You're just shocked by what just happened. Why would they be shocked? They’ve seen shit worse than that That’s all. Let’s go.” Heero said as he picked up his gun from the dead man’s hands. They walked to the door and opened it.

The stench of blood was overwhelming. All the pilots gagged and covered their faces. “Oh God. What happened here?” It was taco night? Quatre asked.

“Let’s check out the rest of the ship. So now they are on a ship….God this author always has them going to random places in the middle of a scene Stay together.” Trowa said. The other boys just nodded.

In each of the rooms, there were at least fifty men dead, lying all over the place. Each of the men seemed to have been shot anywhere the killer could get an opening. Their blood had painted the walls a deep red, with little patches of white letting you know that the walls had never been that color. “This is gross. Even if they are OZ soldiers, someone killed, no, slaughtered these men. It’s terrible!” Duo said, as the left a room. Over reacting much

“I know what you mean Duo. I’m afraid to look at any more rooms.” Quatre said as they approached the control room.

“This is a massacre.” Of all people, Wufei too? Wufei breathed, looking around. They open the control door and were met with an even worse sight than the other rooms. The killer seemed to have run out of bullets. He had used knifes and anything sharp he could find. The men had knifes in their chests and had deep cuts all over them. One guy even had a screwdriver jammed in the side of his head. Another guy had an ax stuck in his chest. “Quatre took one look and threw up. Ok, now its time to be disturbed. What kind of fucking psycho is this Marry Sue, because it is so obvious she did it

“Ew, Q-man! Warn us next time!” Duo said, stepping away from Quatre. “Heero, look, the computers are destroyed. Can we go before Quatre hurls again?”

“Wait. There’s a note. It says, ‘OZ, I destroyed he computers cause they had more info on me. Tough luck guys!-06’ Why did Zechs do all of this? So, he did this. He is not one of us. He's a bloodthirsty killer. Let’s go.” Heero said, leaving the note for any OZ people. They went to the hanger, trying not to look at the corpses littering the hallways.