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Chapter 7 Chapter 7: Blood Stained Memory Warning: Nothing… - Lord love the badfics 'cause we sure don't. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gundam Wing badfics!

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[Mar. 10th, 2005|04:12 pm]
Gundam Wing badfics!



Chapter 7 Chapter 7: Blood Stained Memory

Warning: Nothing really, except for maybe sadness and stuff. Oh, and blood. Hence the title. This chapter is going to be part of Amber’s past. Great Only part. Oh, remember Amber’s friend Machika? No I mentioned her in chapter 3. Well, in this chapter you’ll find out why she not in the story. She’s the part of Amber’s past that I’m going to write about.

“Hey Amber, since we don’t have work today, want to come over and watch movies? I could also dye your hair black and pink. Black and Pink…what a wanna-be How does that sound?” asked a blue haired teen.

“That sounds great Machika! Let’s ditch the last hour of school and start watching them earlier!” Amber answered.

“Ok! C’mon, let’s go. No one is at the front doors right now so we should make it out without getting caught!” Machika replied, running toward the doors.

The girls ran until the reached the park next to their apartment complex. “We made it! Nothing can stop the dynamic duo! Haha! Not even school! Or logic” Machika exclaimed while trying to catch her breath.

“Since when were we the dynamic duo?” Amber asked laughing.

“Since now!” Machika This Machika reminds me of 6 year old joined in with her friend’s laughter. “To bad we couldn’t find Patrick. We’ll have to start without him or just make snacks until he gets here.”

“Yeah.” Amber said. Suddenly she froze. She thought she had seen the glint of a gun behind Machika.

“Amber? What is it?” Machika asked, turning to see what Amber was staring at. Suddenly, two earsplitting gunshots rang out in the park.

“Machika! Are you ok?” Amber asked. Machika turned and Amber screamed in horror as her friend fell to the ground, with a bullet hole in her chest and forehead. Amazing, but I could care less Amber kept screamed again as she ran up to her friend, who was now clearly dead. Opposed to being un-clearly dead? Amber kept shaking Machika and telling her to wake up but no spark of life returned to her friend’s once bright green eyes. Machika’s dull, dark eyes stared lifelessly at Amber. Amber let out a heart-wrenching cry into the now still air. Holding Machika, Amber cried and cried as her clothes became stained with her best friend’s blood.

Then, she heard the cocking sound of a gun. Amber looked up into the barrel of a gun. The man holding the gun said coldly, “Now, it’s your turn.” Amber just stared at the man with eyes like deep pools of sorrow. “What? Not going to say anything? Usually my victims that know they’re going to die plead for their life. Maybe your just stupid and can’t talk or something this guy is even stupider than Amber. Well, bye-bye now little girl.”

In Amber’s rage and sadness she jumped up and grabbed the gun from the man. By now police had arrived at the park. They all froze when they saw a girl grab the gun away from the serial killer they had been tailing for months. What a convenient twist of events

“Why did you kill her?! Why?!” The strange, sort of manic look in Amber’s eyes shocked the man. “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” Amber screamed as she fired shot after shot into the man’s body, all the while laughing hysterically. Creepy, much The man’s blood splattered all over Amber, staining her already blood-soaked body more. Blood had gotten all over Amber, including her face. The police stared in horror as the girl took a very violent revenge on the man who had murdered her friend. Why the hell aren’t the police doing shit?

Then, just as suddenly as the girl’s mania had come, it left and Amber passed out, falling into a pool of blood. “Somebody, call and ambulance! Take that girl to the hospital! We’ll take care of the man and her friend.” The next week Amber came out of the coma she was in. The first sight she saw was Patrick asleep in a chair next to her hospital bed. Two days later, Amber was released from the hospital. She walked around as though in a trance. That same day, Patrick escorted Amber to Machika’s funeral. Everyone from school and their work was there. Probably to make sure the bitch was dead

Patrick thought that Amber would never recover and stay in the zombie-like state forever. Then, he would have lost his only friends. But little by little, Amber began recovering. By the next year, she was smiling and laughing again but she never, ever forgot about Machika. Reading that was a waste of my life

Chapter 8 Chapter 8: Warning About A Gun And Bandages

“Amber? Who is this?” Duo asked, pointing to a picture of a ten-year-old Amber and a blue haired girl holding huge triple scoop ice cream cones. I hope he means the girl, but the way Duo has been in this story I wouldn’t be surprised if he meant the ice cream cones It has been two days since the incident on the OZ and the Gundam boys are over their shock.

“Oh, that’s me and my friend Machika. Let’s see, that was about five years ago, when we were ten. I remember that day. We went to the amusement park, that was before they tore it down, and we made Patrick go on every single ride with us. He wasn’t too happy about it when Machika made me and Patrick go on the Tunnel of Love ride. We were so mad about that! We’re only friends and she knew that! Haha! Then I made her go on it with Dane! Yeah, we knew him back then too. Machika got so mad about that. Then we made Patrick take a picture of the two of us with our huge triple scoop ice cream cones. He got one too but they melted and got everywhere except in our mouths. We were such a mess. Oh, I’m just rambling so I’ll shut up now.” Amber said laughing. If my English Teacher saw that he would have a hear attack

“Wow. Sounds like you guys had fun. How come we haven’t met her yet?” Duo asked. Amber froze. It’s just like the Matrix, There is no spoon, there is no Machika “Amber? Are you ok?” Duo asked.

“You haven’t met her because she was murdered about a year ago.” Amber shouted then ran into her room, slamming the door. Duo stared at her closed door, a sad look in his eyes.

“You mean her friend is dead? That’s surprising. She always seems so happy. You wouldn’t have known her best friend was murdered. Most people tend to stop brooding on their friends’ deaths eventually That’s so sad.” Quatre said.

“Leave her alone Duo. She needs sometime to herself.” Trowa said as Duo started towards Amber’s room.

“Ok. Let’s go walk in the park or something.” Duo suggested.

“Geez. It’s getting cold out. Hey, what was that?” Wufei said as he glanced into the trees at the park.

“Probably nothing. Let’s keep go-“ Duo was cut off by a loud noise, like a gunshot and a pain in his shoulder. “Dammit! Why does my shoulder hurt so much?! Because this author seems to like torturing you” He glanced at his shoulder and was surprised to see that he had been shot. Then came another gunshot and an OZ soldier fell out of a tree dead. Damn you OZ, DAMN YOU!

“He was spying on you. If I hadn’t shot you and averted his attention, you’d probably be dead by now.” Said none other than 06 Zechs?. He was wearing the space suit again but in place of the helmet was a strange looking mask that covered his hair too. “So, I figured you’d probably need some help. Sorry I shot you 02.” Why does she refer to him and herself as numbers? It looks really dumb

“Help?!” Duo exploded. “You think shooting me helped me?! What is wrong with you? And why did you massacre all those OZ soldiers on that ship?!”

“I had to. They had information on me that couldn’t get out to the rest of OZ. So, I killed them. What’s wrong with that? You guys do it all the time.” 06’s voice had turned cold and hard, like ice. “See ya round pilots.” Ha ha, it sounds like she is calling the pilots fat He said as he jumped back into the trees and left. The trees -_-, right

“Damn him. We may kill people, but we don’t slaughter them! Redundant much That guy is insane! And what was up with that mask? It was very odd. I’ve never seen one like that before.” Wufei said, glaring in the direction 06 had taken off in. so Wufei was there the whole time and decided now would be a good time for saying soemthing

“Whatever. Let’s get back. My arm stings.” Duo complained.

“Oh my God! Duo! What happened?” Amber gasped as she saw Duo’s arm. You know damn well what happened! You shot him!

“Some loony shot me. He got away though.” Duo said holding his left shoulder.

“Here, let me help.” Amber said as Quatre handed her bandages and disinfectant. “Don’t worry. This won’t hurt a lot. I’m good at this. But, um, I’ll, uh, need you to take your shirt off.” Amber blushed a little, while Duo blushed even more. Why would Duo blush about taking off his shirt, he does it all the time around the pilot….oh yea, I forgot which side of the fence he was on for a second. Sorry Fan-girls for my mistake

“Uh, sure.” He said as he helped Amber get his shirt off. Quatre took it and he, Wufei, and Trowa went to do battle with the bloodstains That sucked. Heero stayed to make sure Amber did it right. As Amber took out the bullet, cleaned the cut, and bandaged it, she had a lot of trouble not blushing about Duo’s bare chest Is there anything she can’t do? . Hey, she was a teenage girl and Duo had really nice abs and chest muscles. Heero rolled his eyes as he saw Amber blush a little. He left to go start dinner.

“There. All done. I’ll go get you a new shirt. Quatre already set one out somewhere.” Amber was about to get up when Duo said, “Wait.”

“Yeah?” Amber turned around.

“Thanks.” Duo said as he grabbed Amber’s arm with his good arm and pulled her down close to him. Suddenly, he leaned forward and……No don’t kiss her no!!! *Looks down at page* Oh, so this is a cliff hanger….That could have been a good idea but the way she has used it makes me want to fart in her general direction and if spit on her story. Sorry for the vulgarity, but this is too much. She is going to have Duo kiss this Marry Sue *gags*

Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Warning About Love

“Thanks.” Duo said as he grabbed Amber’s arm with his good arm and pulled her down close to him. Suddenly, he leaned forward and kissed Amber. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Amber’s eyes opened wide. She was so shocked that she couldn’t do anything. But her mind was reeling with thoughts. Shit! My first kiss! And it’s from Duo! Shit! I can’t believe this! Why would he kiss me? Be happy you stupid bitch, only in this authors fucked up world will anyone ever kiss someone like you Suddenly Duo broke off the kiss before Amber could think about it anymore. Duo was blushing like crazy. Amber caught sight of Heero watching them in the doorway of the kitchen. He had one eyebrow lifted in an amused way Or in a way that says “I can’t believe he kissed her! He was my man! That bitch!” Hold in the rage Heero, hold it in. Dammit! He saw that! Now what’s he going to think! It wasn’t my fault he kissed me! It’s Duo’s! Dammit Duo! Why’d you go and do that?! No she’s angry? Why the hell is she angry? For fuck sake Duo kissed her! Now it is time to rally all Fan-Girls and kill her! Like they say in the ghetto “We gotta cap that bitch”

Amber jumped up, ran out of the apartment, and slammed the door. Duo sat there numbly for a moment, then ran into the bathroom and locked himself in there. Then in the bathroom Duo changed in to a teenage girl and started to cry his eyes out that Amber doesn’t love him..er her. Ah fuck it.

Amber ran next door to Patrick’s apartment and started pounding on the door. Patrick let her in and she fell, face down, onto his couch. “What’s up with you? You’re acting weirder that normal.” And that is pretty damn weird Patrick asked. Amber just glared at him.

“Patrick?” Not again, why can’t there she put the people who say these things? I guess I have to do it for her

“Yeah?” asked an undercover OZ officer that was pretending to be a cow in a picture across from Patrick’s room.

“Have you ever been kissed?” A longing old lady asked, who just so happened to be on Patrik’s couch…naked….licking her lips….ok I’m too disturbed to continue with that

“What? Yeah. You know that. Remember? Machika and I had going out since about 7th grade, like 12 or 13 years old.” Said the OZ agent

“What did it feel like?” Asked the old lady

“Having a girlfriend?” Patrick asked confused.

“No. Kissing. How did that feel?” The old lady was now hugging Patrik, stroking his chin

“Well, it’s hard to explain. Why do you want to know all of a sudden?” Asked The OZ agent now changing into a Machika costume that still had blood on it from Chapter 7

“Did it feel nice? Like you were safe and nothing mattered anymore except the person you were with?” Asked Aslan as he walked out of Patrik’s wardrobe. It seems the most random shit is happening right now, I wonder what the hell the author was thinking. Aslan?

“Yeah. That’s a good description. But how would you know what that feels like? You said you didn’t have time for a boyfriend. What, with your job and stuff.” Ah fuck it, I don’t feel like trying to help the author any more.

“I know I said that. It’s just, ah, never mind. It’s not important. I’m spending the night k?” Amber said, getting into a sitting position.

“Um, ok. Those guys aren’t harassing you or anything are they? Cause if they are, I’ll beat them up so bad they’ll-“

“Patrick, shut up. Now you’re sounding like an overprotective older brother. They haven’t harassed me at all.” Amber said, deciding not to tell Patrick about when Heero had her pinned to a wall and pointed a gun at her face. Yep, there was nothing wrong at all with that happening.

“Ok. Just don’t plan on staying another night though. You always make a mess out of my apartment and I don’t’ want you doing that again ok?” Patrick said. When he got no response he looked at Amber. She had fallen asleep on his couch. “Ok. I guess you won’t be messing up my apartment after all.” He sighed and went into his room. After that The Oz agent suffered from a heart attack, the old lady imploded, and Aslan went back to Narnia.

“Duo.” What? Did the story forget to put a line again to show that they are no longer in Patrik’s apartment? Yes they did and I shall kill them for it.

“What do you want?” came Duo’s voice from the bathroom.

“Come out now. I need to talk to you.” Heero said, with a you-better-do-what-I-say-so-you-won’t-get-hurt tone in his voice. He knows that on well

“Fine.” Duo came out of the bathroom, looking pissed.

“What did you do that for? We need to find 06 and this is no time to go falling in love.” Just because you kiss some girl doesn’t mean you love them, Heero should know that with Relena and all. Heero growled at Duo.

“Well sorry your Highness! Now move! I’m going to bed!” Duo shoved Heero aside, went into the living room, and plopped himself down on the futon.

“Hey. Wake up sleepy head! Or do you not want breakfast.” Patrick was at the stove making pancakes. So now Patrik is offering Pancakes the pilots, odd

“Wha? Is it morning already?” Amber fell off the couch, Damnit! Why can’t the author put a line or something so we know it is a change of POV followed by a series of curses. She groaned as she sat up, trying to blink the dazed look out of her eyes. She wandered over to the kitchen table, plopping herself down on one of the chairs.

“Geez. You really aren’t a morning person.” No she isn’t Patrick laughed as he flipped the pancakes. Amber mumbled something that sounded like shut up. “Whatever. Here’s your breakfast. Hurry up and eat it or it’ll get cold.”

“Patrick, did you love Machika?”

“Huh? Where did that come from? In answer, yeah, I did. Why? Are you in love with someone?” Patrick asked, confused at why Amber was asking him so many weird questions. This was the only question she asked today, dip shit

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? How can you not know?”

“Easy. I just don’t. Whatever, I’m going back to my apartment. See ya.” Amber said as she finished her pancakes.

“Ok. Just let me know if I can do anything to help.” Patrick said, watching Amber leave. He was surprised when she stopped in the doorway. “Hey, are you ok?” he asked.

“You haven’t found out who my parents were yet, have you?” That was random as shit

“No. Sorry. I haven’t found out who my parents were either. But, it might be easier to find yours because you know that Mizunashi is your last name. I don’t even have a last name.”

“It’s ok Patrick. I’m sure we’ll find them.” Amber turned and smiled at him.

“See ya.” Patrick returned the smile.

“See ya.” Amber left his apartment, nervous as to what awaited her at her apartment. Is Duo going to be mad that I ran away? Or sad? Oh, he probably hates me now. Illogical much

That’s when she noticed Duo standing outside the door; his wounded arm had been rebandaged. Amber froze when she saw the cold, bitter look in Duo’s eyes. She had never seen him like this before. Usually Duo was always laughing, joking, and smiling. But now he looked like a bloodthirsty killer. He began to walk slowly toward Amber.

Amber backed up. “D-Duo? A-are you fe-feeling ok?”

Duo didn’t say anything but kept on advancing. Suddenly Duo grabbed Amber’s wrist in a painful grip.

“Duo? Let go. That hurts.” Amber struggled against Duo’s iron grip. There was something very odd about the way Duo was acting and his eyes seemed to be a strange blue instead of amethyst. And hadn’t Duo promised that he would never hurt her? Her suspicions were confirmed when Duo drew a gun. Did I miss something?

“Die.” Yay he is going to kill her! Hurrah, huzzah!

That’s the end of the story! Yay! Just kidding! Like I’d ever do that! NOOO! Another cliffhanger! Sorry! I couldn’t help it! I wish I could help you…into a oven I had to! I’ll try to get Chapter ten out soon! I hope you liked this chapter! Please review! I will do no such thing, but I will mock this story in every way possible

There you have it, but I am sorry for the legnth. Each time I tried posting 3 chaps at once it wouldn't work -_-